Getting Product Reviews to Enhance E-Commerce Sales

In the recent times, customer reviews have emerged as a driving force in the increasing the e-commerce sales. That is because of the general trend of looking at customer reviews before making a purchase. According to a survey, about 71% of the visitors, interested in buying online, look at the customer reviews. And about 63% of the people make decision about purchasing after reading the reviews.

It would be worth mentioning why product reviews are important for your business. If you want to know how well your product is doing in the market, you are going to have to let your customers leave a feedback about your product and rate it accordingly. It means that even the negative reviews are going to help you in your business. The best practice here is to choose a dedicated platform for reviews and let that platform manage the reviews for you. In the meantime, you can reap the benefits of those reviews and feedback.

We are going to discuss some tips to boost e-commerce sales by using online reviews.

Highlight reviews on your e-store

Find the best reviews about you products and brand across different platforms and put them on the display on the homepage of your website. The star average and good reviews can convince your customers about your products and brands in an effective manner.

Integrate reviews into all of the channels

Integrating customer reviews into the social media channels is the least you can do. You are going to have to do something much more than this. For instance, you can add customer reviews in the newsletters you send to your subscribers. Moreover, you also need add these reviews in the ads that you use in the marketing campaign for your business.

A review tab on Facebook page

The general audience on Facebook is huge. If you start a business and run a campaign to gather followers on Facebook, you are going to get a huge fan base over there. And if you get those followers writing reviews about your business and brand, it will be a huge marketing success. Good news is that Facebook has made it easy for the businesses. You can add a review tab in Facebook to make it possible for your followers to write reviews about your product and brand.

Putting customer reviews on Google

If you have good star average of your products and brand, you will want this average and reviews to be shown on Google because Google is the place from where you can get huge traffic and improved conversions. For this purpose, you can use snippets to show your reviews and star-rating on Google.

Managing negative reviews

When you ask your customers for the reviews, you are going to get negative reviews about your products and brand down this road. It may seem intimidating at first but this is also the fact that negative reviews give you an opportunity to make improvements in your products. Moreover, you can provide support to the customers who would leave negative reviews. Since this support is going to be open to anyone viewing the feedback area, people will know that you care about your customers. This way, the negative reviews can be used for the good of your business.


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