Tips To Include Customer Reviews in Your Marketing Strategy

It’s been quite a while since several digital marketing tactics have been used by online businesses to improve sales. And those techniques and strategies have been working quite nicely. However, the world of digital marketing has seen a major change. This change is related to the word of mouth marketing. You may notice that no matter how good your digital marketing strategy is, you are going to get quick sales if people recommend other people about your products or brand.

Encouraging customer feedback and responding to it can help you not only ensure customer satisfaction but also an increase in the number of customers.

The power of customer reviews

The power of customer reviews can be determined with the help of statistics. According to a survey, half of the adults under the age of 50 check online reviews on routinely basis. And about 40% of the people make decisions about buying, or not buying, after reading 1 – 3 customer reviews.

And since mobile has become common gadget for internet use and online ordering, online reviews have become more important in driving sales.

Authentic customer reviews

While working with the customer reviews to market your brand, you will be able to know that it is quite easier to get falsified comments and reviews for the purpose of making your brand look nicer. Unfortunately, this practice is so common that many of the marketing experts question the credibility of reviews.

If you do a little research, you will be able to identify fake reviews very easily. Fake reviews tend to be perfect. They do not contain grammatical mistakes and they portray the product to be something perfect. On the other hand, authentic reviews are not quite perfect. They are usually loaded with grammatical errors. They also differ based on age, tone and ethnicity.

If you are planning to use customer reviews for marketing purposes, you have to make sure that you are using only authentic reviews.

Response and moderation

Talking about moderation of reviews, you need to keep it in mind that consumers do not enjoy their review being held for moderation, whether or not the review is positive. Therefore, the best approach is to manage the reviews manually. While you may want to have positive reviews about your product, you have to be ready to see negative reviews. And you will have to make sure that you are not holding those negative reviews for moderation. Instead, you need to respond to those reviews and offer help to the disgruntled customers. Even if you see your customer’s negative review unjustified, you still need to be professional in your approach. This professional approach is going to play its bigger role in the brand marketing.


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